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Approximately 40% of total household water use occurs in the bathroom and about a quarter of that goes down the toilet. Needless to say, the bathroom provides you with the greatest potential to save both water and money.
These days, most new toilets are water efficient, so the only real choice to make is the style.
Wall facing toilet suites butt up against tiles from the top of the cistern to the foot of the pan creating a flush line, no dust traps, easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing to the eye
Close Coupled toilet suite gives your bathroom a new dimension. Showcasing the latest in styles, it’s also cutting edge when it comes to award-winning Smartflush® technology, soft close seats and easy to clean contours. 
It’s almost a given these days that you install a versatile shower on a rail,” Men usually want an overhead shower for a complete rain effect, while women want to keep their hair dry.” The solution in this instance is to install a two-in-one design that covered both functions

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